December 11, 2020, New York, NY: New York City Drill Rap has become the latest craze and has quickly taken over the music scene, so it was only right that Staten Island’s Nizzle Man carry the torch for his borough. Today the Staten Island native visuals for his latest single “Snakezz” debut on BET JAMS. This is set to be the first single off his forthcoming EP. Nizzle’s latest track embodies the nuances of today’s sound, while still maintaining true to his cocky and prolific persona. Nizzle began gaining traction last spring with the release of his single “Apple'' which landed him a spot on tour with Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out princess, Justina Valentine. They touched 28 cities on the Favorite Vibe tour. Now, he is making a bigger name for himself as he prepares for his new project ‘241’ The fans have been waiting to see what Nizzle Man has up his sleeve next. WATCH “SNAKEZZ” HERE LISTEN TO “SNAKEZZ” HERE

About Nizzle Man: Rapper, songwriter and producer, Nizzle Man, was born and raised in Staten Island, New York. Drawing from the influences of his Puerto Rican and Black American heritage, he fuses intense raw lyrics with pounding beats and has cultivated a sound of his own. Nizzle Man is distinctly recognized for his unique vocal sound and idiosyncratic tone. He is passionate about being committed to his artistry and the evolution of music, especially today with the eruption of unique and diversified sounds. Nizzle Man is a mind blowing artist. a performance with a huge far-reaching sound that is energetic, compelling and passionate. Nizzle Man stands on his motto be it one or one thousand, he's dedicated to the crowd and will blow them away night after night. Alongside his hip-hop artistry Nizzle Man is gifted with the rare ability to speak to the soul with his expressive and poignant lyrics. Since, Nizzle Man move to california he's collaborated with numerous artists such as 5x Grammy singer songwriter Candace Wakefield, Def Jam recording artist John Lindahl, Makaylo Van Peebles, Donnie Klang, and Mikey See Be sure to follow Nizzle Man on all socials: For up to date info, please visit:


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