Loui Interview

Sincere Goodson or Loui known by his fans is a laid back 19 year old raised in Atlanta’s College Park with his blended family of one sister and three brothers. Loui had dreams of being a basketball player and his favorite uncle made sure to keep him fresh in designer clothes, hence his moniker. A supportive friend, Loui made sure to always listen to the music his friends gave him. It wasn’t until his best friend pushed him in the studio and the track “2 Door” was born. He never expected the reaction but to his amazement it got 70 thousand views on SoundCloud. The song caught on so quickly that soon his high school basketball team was entering the gym to it. One day, Loui looked around the room and the response was overwhelming. It was at that moment he was inspired to take his music more seriously. He went back to the studio and “No Hook” was the result. Inspired by artists like Lil Baby, Slim Thug and another ATL native, TI, Loui plans to follow the blueprint of giving back to his community, selling millions of records and supporting his people.

Funny thing is Loui can do anything in the world as long as he has his extra polar ice gum. It’s his only addiction and the smile that appears when he talks about it may one day land him a brand deal. Right now, he is thankful to be signed to Run It Up Records. An opportunity many aspire to but seldom get. Walking past the projects his parents grew up in, Loui’s future feels bright. Despite the loss of the uncle that kept him fresh, Loui found his purpose and making his family proud is forever high his list.


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