Felixx's "Christmas With You" Music Video

Los Angeles, CA (December 23, 2020) – Just in time for the holidays, buzzing Atlanta R&B singer Felixx slides his new music video for “Christmas With You” under the tree and it doesn't disappoint! In the visual, Felixx and a lady friend enjoy a December date on the couch before their date is abruptly interrupted by a mini sized elf, appearing in the form of a mini Felixx. As the bad elf tries to inject a little excitement into Felixx's date nigh, he magically appears with two other naughty elves to add some excitement into the night. When the attempts to get Felixx's attention don't work, the naughty elf gives Felixx a call and pulls him into a wild winter wonderland reminiscent of a hot scene out of Magic City. Immediately, the bad elf is seen sitting on Santa’s thrown with elf ears belting out the song’s sugary sweet hook flanked by his sexy elf models. This new R&B holiday rendition gives the magic of Christmas a whole new meaning and its filled with melodies and harmonies that only Felixx could deliver. “Christmas With You” sets the stage for more music to come from Felixx. Be on the lookout soon. For now, enjoy Christmas with Felixx as he adds a new flavor and fire to R&B landscape. Get ready for Felixx to blow up in 2021!

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