Do Award Shows Matter Anymore?

Last week the Billboard Awards were held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The current King of Hip Hop and Pop A.K.A. Drake took home the most awards with 12 and even found time to shout out the popular HBO show "Game of Thrones" in the process.

Another person worth mentioning is Cardi B, who had 21 nominations and won 6 awards. This is definitely a quick rise to fame when just a little over two years ago most people did now know who Cardi B was outside of Instagram and Love and Hip Hop: New York. This has made many people ask the question: Do award shows matter anymore?

There have been plenty of artists who have put in years of work before or if ever receiving any type of recognition from an award's committee. Many will say Cardi B paid her way to the top and some will even say Drake became popular once he started jumping on whatever sound was popular at the time of his album releases.

Payola has been around since music began being played in popular clubs and on popular radio stations, so the term "pay to play" has always been around, but do the award shows with decreasing viewership even matter?

Social Media has made it possible for anyone to rise fame and receive top awards in the industry and then fall off. I'm looking at you Macklemore. If many people who have spent many years in the industry and have yet to receive any trophy. If viewers watch as their favorites are nominated and go home with nothing. If the top acts of today stop attending these award shows. If people only watch to create GIFs and move on to the next trending topic. The question remains: Do award shows even matter anymore?

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