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Andrette R. Chapman is an Award-winning, sought after poet, spoken word artist, actress and a native New Yorker who was born & raised in the Bronx, New York. 

With a bachelor's degree in Media Studies from Hunter College and a Certificate in Radio & Television Broadcasting from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Andrette has always maintained a deep love for personal expression and truth. Her experiences as a young, divorced woman of faith and mother, led her to ultimately sharing her testimony through her writings.  Andrette is known for wearing many hats. She is the author of "Grace Through Insanity - The Struggles of a Holy Woman" & "Don't Punch Your Boss In The Face - How To Effectively Work With Difficult People."   Andrette is also a  Commercial Real Estate professional, a licensed real estate agent in both New York and the state of Georgia. She is a notary public and a licensed travel agent with Her Motto:  “Life on earth is more than a gift, it’s an assignment. The only way to fulfill it, is to know why you are called."

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